America's Longest Book Drive

 What is America's Longest Book Drive?

America's Longest Book Drive is an initiative led by Chris Valada, an independent author and passionate advocate for children's literacy. The drive involves a epic motorcycle journey spanning 7500 miles from Charlotte, NC, to Key West, FL, and finally reaching Deadhorse, AK, the northernmost connected city in the United States. The purpose of this extraordinary expedition is to raise funds and awareness for Promising Pages, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a love for reading among children and providing them with access to books.

America's Longest Book Drive combines adventure and philanthropy to make a lasting impact on children's literacy. As a part of this endeavor, Chris Valada, author of the captivating children's book "Crunch Rides to the North Pole," is not only donating one book to Promising Pages for every copy sold but is also taking his commitment to the cause to new heights—literally—by embarking on this awe-inspiring motorcycle journey.

Through this ambitious undertaking, Chris aims to raise both funds and awareness for Promising Pages. By traveling from the southernmost city in the US to the northernmost connected city, he hopes to inspire others to join him in supporting this worthy cause. The journey will be shared on Instagram and YouTube, allowing supporters to follow along, experience the adventure, and witness the beauty of the North American landscape.

To contribute to the success of America's Longest Book Drive and make a difference in the lives of children, individuals can donate using the link below. Every contribution will support Promising Pages in their mission to instill a love for reading and provide access to books for children in need.

By combining a passion for motorcycling, storytelling, and philanthropy, America's Longest Book Drive strives to spread the joy of reading and empower young minds through the transformative power of literacy.